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,It is difficult for students with abstract theories to form concepts and master the law.

Multimedia technology is an advanced 教学法,Compared with the previous traditional "blackboard + chalk" teaching model,Has unparalleled advantages,With its unique text, sound, image, Animation and other features make classroom teaching more intuitive,vivid, And it's easy to highlight the key points.We can only regard it as a means in teaching. 2 pcs

three, good interactivity

6.these media messages are active and interactive。; some are changing rapidly,not easy to observe,E.G, the movement of gas molecules, the directional movement of the charge and so on.multimedia computer-assisted teaching can realize graphics, text, sound and color. The development of computer network technology,Free multimedia information transmission,Make multimedia courseware among students,Communication between teachers and students and between teachers and students,such, Each student or teacher can have unlimited information sources 同时,In order to realize the exchange of teaching information,Highly shared resources.e.g, In the chapter "The World of Colored Matter" in junior high school physics,Use multimedia to display the simulation animation of the galaxy motion experiment,Lead the students to return to the material world full of magical colors and infinite charm,And eager to explore this world,Can greatly stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning physics.Teaching software with powerful human-computer interaction function,Can assist teaching. seven, convenient to provide sensitive materials

multimedia is an organic combination of computer-centric multiple media,these media include text, graphics, cartoon, static video dynamic video and sound, and many more. strong attraction

physics is a natural science based on observation and experiment.we use controllability to project the resolution and reproducibility of teaching images,the "slow motion" of this instantaneous physical phenomenon.

in the process of multimedia teaching,teachers can prepare teaching slides and multimedia courseware according to teaching needs.

There are many abstract theoretical content in physics teaching,If current flows in the circuit,The working principle of the internal combustion engineThe magnetic field around the magnet, The atomic bomb has always been a difficult point in physics teaching.

four time-saving and efficient

The teaching method of multimedia technology fully embodies the advantages in the use process,It must be combined with traditional media in the teaching process,Make it a real assistant in basic physics teaching

multimedia courseware has rich expression ability,not only can express the colorful audiovisual world naturally and vividly,it can also simulate microscopic things to vividly and intuitively express abstract things,simplify and reproduce complex processes.it is difficult for traditional educational media to realize this kind of intelligent interactive function.所以,when using this method, we must also study noteworthy issues.due to inertia, the original motion state is still maintained.

e.g, When teaching the "Inertial Application" course,Students often due to instantaneous changes in physical phenomena,It also involves several concepts in mechanics and kinematics,情况比较复杂,很难明白,所以,答案不清楚或不完整,很难学习。将现代多媒体技术应用于基础物理教学,它将不可避免地导致教育观念的现代化, teaching method, 教学结构的教学方法, 还有很多。您也可以参考相关信息来补充教学内容; 通过与计算机的交流和对话来完成学生的学习,学生可以根据自己的学习兴趣选择想要学习的东西,选择适合您水平的运动。使用多媒体以可视方式显示当前信息, 内燃机的工作过程, 并围绕磁铁分布磁场。 在教学中适当使用多媒体课件,创建与教学内容相匹配的教学环境,让学生看到老师讲述现实中的真实情况,听,看,思维,充分调动学生的多种感官,了解和理解物理现象和本质,提高学生的学习兴趣,促进和提高学生的理解能力,激发学生的学习热情。所以, 块向前倾斜。颗粒很小,不容易观察,例如:原子,分子,离子等待。“适当使用多媒体,可以增加课堂教学的密度,成功完成教学任务。

随着计算机技术的飞速发展和计算机性能的不断提高,将多媒体技术应用于物理教学,这是做好现代物理教学的重要手段。所有这些都是基础物理学教学现代化的重要标志。Newton's first law and other laws of physics describe the ideal situation,无法通过实验验证。从无形到可见,从静态到动态,为了达到更好的教学效果。大多数物理知识是通过观察和实验完成的,在此基础上, 通过仔细的归纳和总结,人们是否正在学习和研究物理学的基本概念,基本定律或将物理知识应用到日常生活中,实际的工农业生产与这种重要的科学研究方法是分不开的。尽管这种物理现象非常简单,但是要解释清楚并不容易


通过多媒体课件,根据不同学科的特点,不同的内容,使用多种媒体技术,有声音 图像, 动画和视频让他们感到身临其境,为了激发学生对学习的兴趣和对知识的渴望,鼓励学生积极探索,积极学习的热情。然而,完全依靠观察和实验,也很难达到预期的效果,由于许多物理知识是相对抽象的,for example, 有关分子运动和原子结构的知识,了解大气压,电场和磁场知识,了解光波和声波。根据教学内容的不同, 充分利用声音, cartoon, 还有视频可以将静态变为动态,将抽象变成图像,充分表达教学内容,突出教学重点和难点。e.g,vapor and liquefaction in the change of physical state,sublimation and sublimation; the laws of reflection and refraction in optics,the virtual reality and reasons of various optical mirrors, especially lens imaging; the thermal motion of molecules and the interaction between molecules; the movement of electric charges and the formation of electric currents; the magnetic field and its induced magnetic wires; the working principle of generators and motors; others,such as sound and light, propagation of various waves such as electricity.multimedia teaching courseware refers to computer-centric,use computer programming language to organically integrate various educational and teaching information,for example text, graphics, sound, and animation.the bright image quickly reappears and is highly contagious,break through the limitations of time and space,further improve students' multiple sensory potentials,so as to accelerate the students' understanding process, accept and remember knowledge,greatly optimize the entire teaching process.the matter involved in this physical knowledge is intangible and intangible.

Increase classroom capacity

1.the computer provides information according to the student's request,make judgments at the same time, adjust or modify the learning content that students respond to,provide new teaching information.but due to the friction between the bottom of the wooden block and the surface of the trolley,the bottom of the wooden block is subjected to friction in the opposite direction to the movement,therefore, it cannot continue to move forward.

8.but multimedia teaching is not a panacea.there are no obstacles on the wooden block on the trolley.in response to this specific situation,on the basis of physical demonstration in teaching,use the frame to pull the movable film,to simulate the demonstration that the car stops moving when it encounters an obstacle.it cannot be observed directly.the reason is that the current is not visible,unshakable; the internal working process of the internal combustion engine is difficult to observe; the magnetic field around the magnet is also invisible,原子弹爆炸无法触及,在实验室甚至更难完成。at the same time, 分析手推车之间的关系, 木块和两个一对一的对应关系,因为图像清晰,逼真的模拟便于教师讲解和让学生观察和理解。and so, 它具有事半功倍的效果。e.g, 一台投影仪进行舞台回顾,使用大屏幕显示野外实验的过程,显示主题,节省文本复制的时间; 使用视频投影仪或投影仪幻灯机进行演示, 措施, 读, 和分析。这样就可以详细介绍整个课程,全面观察老师的具体操作过程和阅读方法,为了避免针对具体操作进行个别指导的麻烦,省时间,取得良好的教学效果。 有利于身体条件的创造。


前苏联教育科学研究院的Babansky院士, 他说:“优化教学过程的目的是使教师和学生以最少的时间和精力获得最佳的成绩。这些概念或运动过程,通过计算机显示动态图形和过程,为了具体化抽象问题,图像深刻地反映了事物的本质,帮助学生正确理解和掌握相关知识。解决这个问题,能够达到传统教具无法达到的效果,使教学内容更紧凑, 生动直观地扩展每个班级的知识和能力,使用木本或木板时,只需用鼠标单击,不仅节省时间和精力,很漂亮, 大大提高了课堂教学时间的效率。如果将多媒体教学课件的研究与物理教学的研究相结合以获得互补的优势,这样可以很好地解决这个主要问题

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